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Why should I choose Myerz Media for my digital marketing solutions?

Good question!  We have been providing digital marketing solutions throughout Willamette Valley for over 12 years. Our clients count on us to provide quality solutions, services, and support.  But don't take it from us let our customers tell you why!

What makes Myerz Media different? 

What makes us different? First and foremost we believe that first knowing what your purpose and visions are is vital. It's not about us, it's about you. Second, customer support and satisfaction are at the top of our list. We're a local full-service media solution. We understand the potential and the investment our clients are making.  We have a vested interest in our clients, their success is our success! We are proud of our portfolio of work and the clients we serve.


How can Myerz Media's services help me?

We feel you should be busy running your own business, not worrying about designing a website or maintaining your presence on social media, that's our job and we love doing it. We feel brand equity is ultimately the main point of marketing. Your branding needs to be consistent, it needs to be purposeful and it needs to speak to your customer base.  Investing in your brand, and growing your brand equity is a recipe for success. Our many available services can help you do just that. 

How long does it take to complete a website?

The #1 question everyone asks... the time it takes to create a website varies. Site complexity, content creation, and the total amount of pages add to the lead time. Traditionally, the required content comes from the customer, i.e., photos, product descriptions, and other related content. We are always happy to partner with the client to help create effective, search-friendly content.  The customer and the customer's schedule always take priority. Every site starts with a casual, face-to-face meeting, where we discover your purpose, your vision, and why you do what you do. We outline our processes, we present our convenient website packages and payment options, and if you decide to move forward we provide an action item list to help you deliver the required content for your site. There's no guessing on what needs to be done. Our website packages are tailored to your specific needs. Maybe you're a business owner who needs an e-commerce website a professional who wants an online portfolio or an artist who wants to promote his or her work. In any case, we will tailor a package that will be the most effective for your needs at an affordable price.




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