Footswitch Mod



The Spark 40 Amp from Positive Grid is one of the hottest amp out there. Paired with the Spark app, your options are almost limitless, seriously! Then there's the ToneCloud. Even with all the killer options this amp has, it's missing one of those most required options, the footswitch!  

Good News!  We offer a hard-wired, quality-built 4ch footswitch modification for the Spark 40 Amplifier. 


The Process

So I've done a few of these so far. The first one was obviously mine. I finally chose to document everything and share it with all the Spark amp users. It's been well received. For those that dabble, and tinker in the world of "modding" things then this is a really easy mod to do. 
If it's not your forte' and you just want a footswitch for your Spark amp then you can contact us for more information.

You'll find all the information you need here to do this mod yourself.
Or, if you want me to do it then...

Let's talk...

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