Email Marketing

If you’re a small business just starting out, you’ve probably learned the hard way that getting your brand out there is a full-time job on its own - and one that you may not have expected at that. Luckily, a fantastic way to market your business is with email marketing. That said, your campaigns are only as powerful as the tools you have to create them.

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2 Email blasts per month

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to promote one’s business. These emails tend to be sent to people who had previously signed up to receive updates from that said business. They’re sometimes referred to as newsletters, and can contain business promotions and discounts codes, sale notifications, and other business updates, like a new blog post alert.

Why is Email Marketing important?

Email itself is becoming more important than ever in our increasingly connected online world, so newsletters and email blasts from businesses are commonplace and expected. Not to mention, your competitors have probably established their presence in your customer’s inbox. That’s why it’s totally natural for you to get yourself in the game.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Now you know why email marketing is important, you should also know the benefits of the practice as well. And there are plenty — almost to the point that it’s hard to deny its usefulness.

  • One of the most direct and personal ways to connect with your audience

  • More effective than social media marketing

  • Measurable for future optimization

  • A  more cost-effective marketing practice compared to other methods

  • Strengthen relationships with your customers and subscribers

  • Increased site traffic and visibility

"Myerz Media helped us recreate our website for Stayton Family Practice. He was quick and very responsive to all our needs. Myerz Media went above and beyond our expectations and would recommend them highly. I have had multiple compliments on how well our website looks, how easy it is to navigate, and thankful for Myerz Media to help make this happen."

Tabitha David - Stayton Family Practice - Stayton, Or