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When you choose the Deluxe Press Kit you'll be getting it all! And we mean all, including a new full-featured website that provides everything that you'd expect from an Artist/Band website. What will make your new website different from the rest is that your site will include your Digital Press Kit assets. Your Press Kit will be available to download by anyone who's interested. Nothing makes a promoter or a talent scout more happier than a band having their Press Kit available to download when ever they want. They can even share it with other potential promoters or industry types. With your new Deluxe Press Kit and your new website you'll be further down that road that leads to success.

Your New Site will include the following:

  • Digital Press Kit Download

  • Upcoming Events and New Releases

  • Music and Video Library

  • Tour Dates

  • Photo Gallery

  • Band History

  • Graphics (Themed Wallpaper, Band Logo)

  • Links to Social Media 

  •  Custom Contact Form

  • Subscriber Form to build your email list

sample website.jpeg

Our Deluxe Press Kit includes a website! What?

Contact us today for your Deluxe Press Kit!

*  When you purchase a Deluxe Press Kit you get a free artist/band website. Myerz Media LLC will provide the design, deployment, and management of the site. All initial fees for web hosting and domain registration are not included, this also applies to any annual renewal fees.
On average it's roughly $350/yr to maintain an online presence. We will send out a renewal invoice 45 days prior to the expiration date.
All content, graphics, and works of art need to be the property of the artist and will remain as such once the website is published.

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